We are getting married on March 19, 2021.

Michelle & Tonye are having a small celebration



Michelle and Tonye are having a small celebration! We're excited to say "I do", in the eyes of God, here in Vancouver, BC.

He thought she was cute. She thought he was ignoring her. She thought he was rude. He forgot her name. He asked her out. She arrived 10 minutes late. They trained together then made it official. He proposed. She said yes.

michelle + tonye


We have most things we need for life and love. If you want to bless us with a gift, we can always use cash gifts as we move to our new place. That said, we know some people prefer to buy gifts off a registry. We created ours at Bed Bath & Beyond. Either way, we would appreciate your prayers and well wishes as we start this journey together!

Our wedding registryR
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